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At the moment, there is a real problem getting your car tested. It seems that there is  a huge backlog of tests and the NCT centres are not able to cope with demand . A lot of people are complaining about being unable to get appointments in a timely fashion despite NCT Centres’ extended opening hours and working 7 days a week.

The notice on the NCT website today reads:

There is currently heavy demand for NCT appointments on-line. If the only dates available fall beyond the expiry of your current NCT, please contact our booking helpdesk on 01 4135992′.

Some points worth noting:

  • You must not drive a car which does not have a current NCT certificate. Its the law.
  • The Gardaí can impound your car if they stop you while  driving a car with an out of date NCT cert.
  • You can also be given 3 penalty points on your driving licence.

Some tips and Stats which might help you.

  • Prepare properly for the test by having your car serviced .
  • A lot of Garages now do a Pre NCT inspection. This can save you money and time.
  • Check all of the simple items by visual inspection like, all lights working,  tyre thread should be 3 mm min. depth. Seat belts etc.
  • If your car fails the first time the re-inspection costs you an extra €28 on top of the original €55 you paid.
  • Visit the NCT website where there is a lot of useful information which could help you.
  • Stats below from 2014 show just how many cars have to return and be reinspected.

Year   2014


      Fail       Refusal

Fail   Dangerous


Full Tests

609,575  (48.3%)

       648,106   (51.3%)

     4,542 (.4%)



581,977   (91%)

    57,187   (8.9%)

        770  (.1%)


Statistics from full year 2013

               The Main failure items for 2013 were:


   Front Suspension


   Tyre Condition


  Brake Line / Hoses


   Stop Lamps


  Steering Linkage

  • 2009 Reg Vehicles: First time Pass Rate was 73% and Re-test Pass Rate is 96%
  • 2007 Reg Vehicles: First time Pass Rate was 65% and Re-test Pass Rate is 95%
  • 2005 Reg Vehicles: First time Pass Rate is 53% and Re-test Pass Rate is 93%
  • 2003 and older Reg Vehicles: First time Pass Rate is 37% and Re-test Pass Rate is 89%

As  you can see from the above stat., as your vehicle gets older the fail rate increases, so preparing for the test is very important.

  • Car testing is not just another government imposition. It is very important that the vehicle you drive is in a roadworthy condition.
  •  Keeping your car in good condition makes driving safer for you and other road users.
  • A well maintained car is less likely to breakdown or be involved in a crash.
  • This could save your life or avoid injury to yourself or other road users.

For People involved in the Motor trade business, note:

You can now avail of the NCT trade scheme for Main Dealers, Independent Garages and sPSV Industry. This entitles you to:

  • Quick and smoother check in process, no need to produce identification as your details are already saved.
  • A monthly statement of your activity emailed directly to you containing such information as a full breakdown of the number of cars brought for inspection by your company during the month, where the vehicles were inspected, the dates of the inspection, the registration numbers  etc.
  • Receive regular updates regarding important information for them on NCT test criteria and other NCT related data that we feel will be of use to them.
  • The possibility in the future of been informed of cancellations/slots available in the centre nearest to you. 

You can sign up on line at choose the TRADE button. You will need to provide them with a copy of the following documents:

  • VAT Number – The Tax Clearance Certificate
  • TAN Number – For TAN numbers they do not require any documentation
  • Company Registration Number – Company Headed Paper
  • Personal Insurance Policy Number – Personal Car Insurance Policy
  • Motor Insurance Policy Number – Motor Traders Policy

The worry for  all going forward is that as the car parc gets older, as it has been doing for the past few years during the downturn the present NCT set up may not be able to cope with the increased demand for testing. It will be interesting to see how it will be handled by the Department of Transport and Applus+ Car Testing Service Ltd. At the very least in the short term a lenient view should be adopted by the authorities and the Gardaí if a motorist is driving a car which doesn’t have a current NCT cert, provided of course that the motorist can prove that they have applied and are waiting in the queue which seems to be getting longer by the day.

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