Should people repairing cars be properly licensed by the Government? 

In Britain the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is calling on Government to license the automotive retail sector, as it releases new consumer research that shows an underlying ignorance about the qualifications required for anyone to work on a motor vehicle.

  • 71% of Motorists surveyed believed that anyone working on a car commercially, should be licensed.
  • 80% of today’s consumers choose a garage because of it’s convenient location without ever questioning the professional abilities of those who work there.
  • Only 10% of consumers actively check whether car mechanics are properly qualified to carry out the work on their car before putting it into the garage.
  • There is no Government licencing Authority which recognizes professional qualifications held by Qualified Mechanics.
  • Anyone can work as a Mechanic in the Motor industry without any qualification.
  • The industry is totally unregulated by the Government when it comes to Mechanic’s qualifications.

IMI says ‘UK consumers are completely unaware of how vulnerable they are. They believe the Government is taking care of their safety and their rights, but they have a level of trust in their service provider, which may be entirely groundless’.

This is a serious cause for concern as data from Brake, the road safety charity, reported that over 3,000 crashes in Britain were caused by vehicle defects as a result of inadequate maintenance in 2011.

All vehicles are very complex machines and need a high level of skill and training to properly carry out maintenance in a safe and efficient manner.

The IMI have said “The template for licensing already exists, with IMI Accreditation and our Professional Register, which is  already in place, so there is no excuse for the Government to delay’.

IMI suggest that ‘148,000 mechanic’s  skills and current competence cannot be verified’. It is vital that this issue is addressed as quickly as possible.” (source IMI report)

With 90% of the trade in favour of licensing, the IMI is seeking meetings with the leaders of all the main political parties ahead of the General Election in order to push forward the case for licensing.

The above statistics were drawn from research conducted through Vital Research & Statistics to 2,000 adults with a driving license – September 2014 and by BMG Research** to 600 adults in July 2014.

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